Triangolini filled with Piemontino Valgrana, with cream of pears and almonds




Ingredients for the pasta
A kg of flour
10 eggs
25 g of salt

Ingredients for the filling
300 g of Piemontino Valgrana
250 g of milk
250 g of fresh cream
50 g of almonds (for garnishing)
2 William pears



Procedure for the pasta
Knead the ingredients and lay a thin paste

Heat the milk and the cream to 85°, add the grated Piemontino, then blend until obtaining a cream. Dress with some pepper and let it cool. Once cold and solidified, use the compound as filling with the help of a sac à poche (confectioner’s pocket).
Cook 2 Williams pears cut and peeled in water and sugar and, once they’re cooled, whisk them until obtaining a cream, arranged mirror - like in the dish. Lay on the cream the triangolini stir-fried in the butter. Dress with a decoration made with 50 g of toasted and chopped almonds.

Chef Paolo Lautero