Paolo Lautero

A very creative cooking talent.

The sort of Paolo Lautero has been clear since his beginnings which have seen him  move very young to one of those places which represents a coveted destination for the  aspiring  chefs: Paris, with its lights and its historical enogastronomical tradition, is able to fascinate a heterogeneous universe of personalities among artists, royal figures, travellers, tourists and dreamers seduced by the nouvelle cousine.

The young Paolo has been able to get in touch with a different way of cooking, more innovative and fashionable: Dubai and its futuristic architecture, a pioneer city in its being avant-garde and a pole of attraction all over the world.

Both environments are found in Paolo’s kitchen: the dressing’s sophistication, the presentation’s grace, the attention and care for every detail tied to a tradition which anchors its roots in the flavours of Piedmont (in the north-west of Italy). Those flavours which the chef has been able to reinterpret, using them only as an inspiration to give birth to recipes which don’t leave anything to chance; the right aromas’ harmony is balanced into a stability inside which every scent brings its contribution and where also the eye is constantly gratified. A blend between taste and beauty, never banal but always coupled with a perfect dose of originality.

Paolo Lautero manages, together with his partner Nicolò Artusio, his restaurant Interno 2, in Saluzzo. His exquisitely elegant cooking is very demanded also for events, catering, parties and weddings and it’s a well-established  reality when we talk about local excellences.