Paolo Pavarino

The certainty of the traditions, the intimacy of those tastes which make us immediately feel at home.

In Paolo Pavarino’s dishes you can find our grannies’ way of cooking, all those reassuring aromas which, in their uniquity, remind us of our childhood together with the moments forever impressed in our memories.

The historical and typically piedmontese recipes, with ingredients representing well-established traditions, always present on our tables which Pavarino is able to prepare without frills, strictly respecting the raw materials’ characteristics and balancing them into the single dishes.

A blunt and concrete cooking, in which the simbolical dishes of the piedmontese region are perfect suggestions to learn a rich gastronomical culture, proudly handed down from generation to generation.

Paolo Pavarino has been chef and owner of the Italia Restaurant in Ceva (Piedmont); after The Hotel school he consolidated his experience in several italian hotels and restaurants. He’s member of Regione Piemonte Chefs Team, teacher of different lectures on; local cooking, alimentary intolerance food, english and french cooking, nutritional science. He’s also a member of the Cuneo District Association of Hotels and Restaurants Owners and he holds cooking lectures at two local culinary institutions.