- Hard Bra DOP

Stronger and more savory than the tender version, the hard Bra has a seasoning of, at least, 6 months which affects substantially the taste and the colour of the paste, giving the cheese a marked personality, thanks to the light marbiling, perceivable in some wheels, which is a real and true button-hole.

Made with milk coming exclusively from the Cuneo province, it can be sold in whole wheels as well as portioned.

It's incomparable in the ceaming on the Risotto.

Ingredients used

Raw's cow's milk, salt, rennet

Physical characteristics

Shape: cylindrical with plane faces.
Dimensions: diameter 30 to 40 cm, slightly convex 6 to 10 cm.
Weight: 6 kg and 9 kg. The dimendions and weights refer to the product at its minimum ripening period.
Rind: solid, hard, dark beige colored, non edible and with natural mould.
Paste: color from pale straw to yellow ocher with small holes not too widespread. These little green dots which are not to be considered faults but confirmation that these cheeses don't contain any additions or preserving agents, are mainly present in high quality raw milk products. Particularly in the Hard Bra Dop seasoned well beyond the minimum indicated by the product rules manual (6 months) these characteristics of light marbling close to the rind are more evident.
Taste: tasty or strongly savory.
Fat: minimum 32% on the dry substance.
Minimum maturing: 6 months.

Nutritional values

Average values for 100 g

1683 kj / 402 kcal
35 g
Of which saturated fatty acids
24 g
0,8 g
Of which sugars
0 g
22 g
3,0 g