- Raschera DOP

A soft sweetness characterizes this Dop typical of out territories, made with cow milk coming from the Cuneo province and which has roots far back in time. With a seasoning of at least 30 days and a white, sweet and resistant paste, the Raschera is the perfect cheese, able to satisfy every palate.

It can be sold in whole wheels or portioned.

A must to prepare the renowed Fonduta (melted cheese).

Ingredients used

Raw cow's milk, salt, rennet

Physical characteristics

Shape: square, flat surfaces.
Dimensions: side from 28 to 40 cm. Irregular slightly from 7 to 15 cm.
Weight: 6 kg and 10 kg. The dimensions and weights refer to the product at its minimum ripening period.
Rind: thin, gray and/or reddish sometimes with yellowish reflextions. Elastic, smooth and regular, sometimes with a reddish patch on the shapes, accentuated with ripening, not edible.
Paste: white or ivory white color, fairly firm and supple with very small, scattered and irregular holes. These little green dots which are not to be considered faults but confirmation that these cheeses don't contain any additions or preserving agents, are mainly present in high quality raw milk products.
Taste: fine and delicate, typically perfumed.
Fat: minimum 32% on the dry substance.
Minimum maturing: 30 days.

Nutritional values

Average values for 100 g

1484 kj / 358 kcal
31 g
Of which saturated fatty acids
22 g
0,8 g
Of which sugars
0,6 g
19 g
1,5 g