Artichokes pie, Piemontino and hard Bra Dop Valgrana with fondue of Raschera Dop Valgrana




2 spoons of grated  Piemontino Valgrana 
50 g small pieces of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
250 g of milk
250 g of cream
A roll of puff pastry

Filling ingredients:
2 artichoke sautéed
5 eggs
As needed of pepper
As needed of salt

Ingredients for the fondue
One hg and half of  Raschera Dop Valgrana
300 g of milk
An egg yolk


Line  4 moulds with puff pastry. Put together all the ingredients and whip with an immersion mixer in order to obtain the mixture. Cut into pieces and cook the artichokes, fill the moulds with them adding also the hard Bra (always in small pieces) and the mixture. Bake in the air oven at 170° for 25 minutes.

Heat the milk at 90°, add the Raschera in pieces and melt until the mixture is homogeneous to make the fondue. Add the yolk and keep it warm. Finally, serve the artichoke pie together with the Raschera Dop fondue.

Chef Paolo Lautero