Cannoli of prosciutto (raw ham) with cream of hard Bra Valgrana




200 g of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
50 g of butter
10 g of chives or basil
25 g of sweet mustard
50 g of cream to be whipped
2 dl of milk
A slice of brown bread used for the sandwiches



Cut the hard Bra in small dices, add milk, butter and make a fondue, then let it cool. In the meantime wash the aromatic herb and chop finely, add it to the fondue and blend well. If necessary whip the cream and join it to the fondue. Lay the slices of raw ham on a membrane and, with the help of a sac à poche (confectioner’s pocket), lay the cream in the middle of the slice, then roll well in order to obtain the cannoli. Put the cannoli into a blast chiller and cool to solidify them. Toast lightly the brown bred and spread on it the remaining herbs’ cream or the mustard. Put the cannoli on the bread and cut in the shape of rectangles. Decorate with tufts of herbs and some mustard.

Chef Paolo Pavarino