Carpaccio with julienne of hard Bra Dop Valgrana, vegetables and anchovies paste




For 10 people
300 g of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
150 g of anchovies under salt
100 g of valerian 
30 slices of top round meat cut
3 carrots
3 celery sticks
A clove of garlic
As needed of olive oil



Wash the anchovies, blanch the garlic cloves. 
Melt the anchovies ‘ fillets into olive oil, add the garlic and mix everything. Wash and peel the carrots, the celery and cut the vegetables julienne-style. Stir fry them in a pan with a little salt and oil. Cool them and, in the meanwhile, cut also the hard Bra julienne-style. Arrange the vegetables mixed together with the cheese and the valerian in the middle of the dish and add a little salt. Lay the meat slices on the vegetables, dress with anchovies’ paste, grate some more Bra and serve.

Chef Paolo Pavarino