Four ways to cook the Piemontino




400 g  of Piemontino Valgrana
50 g of  flour 00
300 g of milk
2 eggs
½ lt of seed oil
Crumbled bread


Preparing the fried Piemontino
Cut the cheese into chips, flour it, dip it in the scrambled eggs and, then, in the crumbled bread. Repeat twice and fry in boiling oil

Preparing the melted Piemontino
Heat the milk at a temperature of  80° and add 150 g of grated Piemontino, remove from the fire and emulsify, then add the egg yolk in order to provide some colour and keep it in a warm place. 

Procedure for the Piemontino waffle
Heat a non-stick frying pan and spread on it a substantial layer of grated Piemontino. Melt  for 30 seconds in a hot pan, remove the waffle and let it cool.

Procedure for the milk mousse
Heat the milk in a vessel and shake it vigorously to obtain a mousse.

Dish composition
Pour the hot fondue in a soup plate, put on it the fried Piemontino together with some chips of the same cheese. Garnish with milky mousse