Mini “fassona” hamburger with Raschera Valgrana fondue on a small square of polenta




50 g of Raschera Dop Valgrana
200 g of minced fassona meat
200 g of flour of ottofile corn (corn variety with eight rows of grains around the cob)
100 g of milk
An egg
As needed of salt


Heat the water and salt it, add some flour and cook in order to obtain a polenta (maize pudding) with a good density; lay it in a tray leaving a layer about 1-1.5 cm thick, let it cool and then cut in square or triangle - shaped 
Blend the meat together with the salt and make some small hamburgers.

Procedure for the fondue
Cut the cheese in small dices, add an egg’s yolk, the milk and melt everything. Keep the melted cheese warm at bain marie and toast the polenta in the oven on a baking pan. In the meanwhile cook in a pan the hamburgers, rare and salt them.
Serve the hamburgers on a slice of crusted polenta topped with a little bit of fondue and, if wished, garnish them with a thin slice of black truffle. 

Chef Paolo Pavarino