Noodles with cream of Piemontino Valgrana and black pepper




One kg of flour 00
25 g of salt
30 yolks
5 whole eggs

Ingredients for the sauce
125 g of grated Piemontino Valgrana 
250 g of fresh cream


Put the flour on a pastry board and place the eggs into it. Knead well until reaching a hard and elastic dough. Make some thin sheets of pastry with the help of a dough machine or with a rolling pin. Cut finely with a knife.

Heat the cream at 80° and add the fresh grated Piemontino. Once obtained the sauce, boil the noodles into the salty water for 3 minutes, then dry them in the sauce and amalgamate.
Serve together with plentiful of fresh minced black pepper

Chef Paolo Lautero