Omelette of small skewers with fried Raschera and hard Bra Valgrana




50 g of grated hard Bra Dop Valgrana 
200 g of Raschera Dop Valgrana
50 g of minced aromatic herbs: thyme, basil, parsley, herb of St. Peter (Tanacetum Balsamita)
100 g of flour
200 g of grated bread
7 eggs
As needed of olive oil
As needed of salt


Clean and wash the aromatic herbs, dry and mince them. Break the eggs in a bowl, add the grated hard Bra, a little salt, the herbs and shake the compound. Pour some oil in a pan, put in the omelette and cook. Once ready, lay it on greaseproof paper and and let it cool. 
In the meanwhile cut the cheese in circles or squares 1 mm thick. Cut the omelette the same way and run through the skewers alternately piece of omelette and one of cheese, then pass them in the flour, in the egg and pass finally in the grated bread. Once covered with bread-crumbs, fry in the oil and serve hot.

Chef Paolo Pavarino