Panizza salad with hard Bra Valgrana and prosciutto (raw ham)




100 g of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
250 g of chick-pea flour
100 g of raw ham
1 l of water
A lemon
A pinch of salt
As needed of olive oil
As needed of salt


Dilute the flour in the water and let it rest for, at least, an hour. Cook the compound for 60 minutes and mix from time to time. Once cooked, lay the panizza on a tray and let it rest well. Cut it in small dices. Repeat this operation also for the ham and mix it with the panizza. Add some salt (if needed) and dress with some oil and a lemon juice, mix everything and grate the hard Bra on the salad.

Chef Paolo Pavarino