Potatoes fritters with leeks and fried Raschera Valgrana on salami waffle




200 g of Raschera Dop Valgrana
200 g of water
500 g of flour 00
50 g of extra virgin oil 
500 g of salami
Un l of peanut oil to fry
6 medium potatoes
A leek
An egg
As needed of salt


Knead the flour with water, salt and oil until achieving a soft, smooth and homogeneous paste. Wrap in a film and let it rest. Peel and wash the potatoes, boil them in salty water, clean and cut the leek in slices and stew them with a little oil. Once the potatoes are boiled put them into a vegetable mill, add the leeks, the egg and the grated Raschera, blend well and, if necessary, put some salt. Cut the salami in thin and linear shaped slices, put it on baking paper, cook at 180° until it’s crispy. Lay the paste finely and cut in square of about 5 cm for each side, put some  filling in the middle and close it making a triangle. 
Press the fritter from its long side and put it on a tray. Heat the oil in a holding pan and, once reached the right temperature, fry the fritters and dry them on blotting-paper, salt and serve them on a slice of salami on a tray.

Chef Paolo Pavarino