Raschera rice with red wine reduction and thin threads of crispy raw ham




400 g of Raschera Dop Valgrana
200 g of brown cooking leftovers (in a saucepan bottom)
300 g of prosciutto (raw ham) cut in slices
600 g of Vialone nano rice
0.5 lt of Nebbiolo wine
½ glass of olive oil
A lt of meat broth
A medium onion
A leaf of laurel
A sprig of rosemary
A clove of garlic
As needed of salt


Prepare the Nebbiolo reduction by slightly toasting the rosemary, the laurel and some onion; add the salt to the wine, boil it moderately and, once reduced by 2/3, add the bruno fund and bring it to the right density. Chop the onion not too finely, brown it with the oil in a pan then add the rice, toast it for few seconds and wet with the broth. Let it evaporate and add some more broth until the level is 1 cm below the rice. In the meanwhile cut the ham in thin slices and roast them in a saucepan at high temperature. Once the rice reaches the right cooking, whisk with cheese and butter. Flatten the rice, make a reduction grid of Nebbiolo, spread with roasted ham and serve well hot.

Chef Paolo Pavarino