Tomato filled with hard Bra Dop Valgrana, rice, eggplants and yellow pepper sauce




For 4 people
300 g of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
100 g of eggplant
200 g of yellow pepper
200 g of rice 
20 g of shallot
4 120 g tomatoes
A clove of garlic
As needed of extra virgin oil
As needed of salt and pepper


Boil the rice in a sauce pan with vegetal broth, strain and cool it with a little oil on a rolling- board. Peel the eggplants, cut them in cubes, stir fry them with the shallot and some crushed garlic, add the rice and the grated Bra together with some salt and pepper. Wash and cut in halfthe tomatoes, empty them with the help of a spoon, salt and turn them upsidedown to let their water drain. Fill them with the rice and cover with the other half of the tomato. Salt and cook in oven in a baking-pan for 15 minutes at 160°. In the meanwhile wash and cut the peppers in small stripes, put them in a saucepan with the browned shallot, salt, add some pepper and cook everything. Whisk  the peppers whipping the sauce with olive oil, pour it in the middle and put the hot tomato over it.

Chef Paolo Pavarino