Tortelli with hard Bra Dop Valgrana with hazelnut butter and black truffle




Ingredients for the pasta
500 g of flour 00
5 g of salt
5 whole eggs
A spoon of oil

Ingredients for the filling
400 g of hard Bra Dop Valgrana
250 dl of milk
2 egg’s yolks



Prepare the fondue by cooking bain-marie the hard Bra cut into small pieces together with the milk and continuously mixing with a wooden spoon. Once melted, make sure that the compound be creamy, then add the yolks and let it cool.

Procedure for the pasta
Put the flour on a dough board with salt and eggs in the middle. Knead softly from the centre to the exterior adding oil and continue until the flour absorbs all the eggs and the dough is homogeneous.
Lay the dough in thin sheets and put the cold and creamy fondue in a sac à poche (confectioner’s pocket). With this one pour the fondue on the sheets in balls-shaped big as hazelnuts and fold back the puff pastry on the filling. Use a suitable cutter to obtain the desired shape. Cook the tortelli for two minutes in hot water and serve with hazelnut butter and a generous sprinkle of black truffle.

Chef Paolo Lautero