The company

There’s a place in Piedmont where the excellence is a matter of fact, an area where the raw materials’ genuineness is combined to an entrepreneurial mentality which comes from a past where the know how has kept strong traditions without stop looking at the future.

This area, so rich in enogastronomy and in initiative, is the Cuneo Province, a great forge of treasures which, together with a long - standing experience and a continuous passion, is able to give birth to those specialities appreciated well beyond the national borders.

In the plain around the town of Scarnafigi, just a few miles from the city of Saluzzo, there is the Valgrana, a leading Company in the dairy production, born in 1991 thanks to the will of Franco Biraghi who, after years of work in the Company of his father, chose to build one on his own, increasily deepening the roots that tie the final product to a universe which offers the basic elements for its realisation, from a small cheese factory to a firm which keeps growing, confirming to be, year after year, an essential reference point for fond customers, caring for genuineness and flavor.

Valgrana offers a wide range of products, in which can be perceived the blend between the raw materials’ excellence together with the  flavour of each tasting. But  Valgrana’s cheeses offer much more: the meadows and their vegetation, sublimated by the weather’s conditions which favour these places, the ingredients’ semplicity, the air’s purity, the versatility of the products which are suitable for different uses and the old mastership that takes us back to the  craftsmanship which hasn’t been abandoned; even in the presence of the modern machineries, constantly updated in an automated system worthy of a true 4.0 industry, where manual skill and technology go hand in hand, alternating and supporting each other. 

But, first of all, there’s passion. A passion which drives Franco Biraghi, careful and constantly updated founder and his sons  Alberto and Andrea, Ceos of an enterprise which finds in their undertaking and their open mentality solid starting blocks  to build everyday a reality, warranting the customer the correct harmony between goodness and flavour.

The company’s jewel is, without any doutb, the Piemontino, an hard cheese with a seasoning of more than 15 months, made exclusively with 100% piedmontese milk, without lysozyme and with a sweet and soft taste.

Among the dairy excellences of the Granda province there are also many Dops (Protected Designation of Origin) and, also in this field, Valgrana is present, very careful to the standard requirements related to the quality and to the production chain: the Bra in its double versions tender and hard, the Raschera, the Castelmagno and the Toma Piemontese which are  well consolidated and appreciated products proposed by the Company.

The bond with the territory (the historical Marquisat of Saluzzo), with its richness, not only culinary but also artistic is enclosed in one denomination: the Toma del Marchesato, a specific kind of cheese paying tribute to one of the most beloved and visited cities of the area, Saluzzo, located only 3 miles from Scarnafigi. 

The loyal relationship established with the final consumer is a button-hole for Valgrana which, in the recent years,  intensified its advertising campaign, in order to highlight the qualities of its products. Valgrana is the main sponsor of the two most important events related to the enogastronomy of our territory, which  attract every year an increasing number of visitors: Vinum and the Truffle Exhibition in Alba, two main attractions which don’t need any presentation.

Valgrana is also present in the world of sport: tennis sponsoring Andrea Gola, motorcycling sponsoring Arianna Barale and cycling as Tv Brand Sponsor of the Italian Tour.

This is Valgrana: a Company building the future on its past to increasingly expand both on the national and international markets (Belgium, France, Germany, eastern Europe in particular), on the catering and on the Gdo, an increasingly growing branch.